Fluid Analysis

Reveal problems with your machine before it fails

  • Identify problems before they cause expensive downtime
  • Maximize component and machine life
  • Schedule repairs based upon actual machine conditions

Periodic fluid analyses pinpoint equipment problems by providing detailed information on contaminants in the fluids, so you can make informed decisions about when components may need to be replaced.

Why oil and wear analysis?

Every component lubricated with oil will experience normal wear rates. As these parts wear, particles will appear in the oil that can be detected through regular sampling. Fluid analysis will identify abnormal increases in contaminants that can be precursors to potential problems, and allow for preventive service before total failure occurs.

Laboratory analysis

The laboratories used by Bacon Universal for fluid analysis are certified to ensure the testing results are reliable and backed by stringent laboratory standards.

How often should samples be provided?

Each machine is unique, so be sure to check your manufacturer's maintenance guideline for your model. Increasing the testing frequency is recommended if your machine is operating under stressful conditions.

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fluid analysis to help extend life of equipment